Ed Hardy Blue Large Hookah
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Ed Hardy's art surrounds the water-bowl. Quickly the tempo of the Hookah builds up across small shades of art cutting across the Hookah's body-sparkle A third up the Hookah throat on the disco-ball are beautiful snippets of Ed Hardy's art. This art enters the Ash balcony constructed of glass. The Hookah is topped by a Beautifully shaped and smoothed Tobacco head. The Lightweight and aerodynamic hose is lightly touched with glittery-impressions running down the hose and then with its Ultra durable and flexible frame shapes itself across the Hookah's body. 35 inches


FREE STARTER KIT INCLUDES: 16pcs Coconut Coal, 10 Mouth Tips, and 2 AL Fakher 50g Tobbacos Select Flavors


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Ed Hardy Blue Large Hookah

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