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Cloud 9 100g SHIKA HADOR
Cloud 9 100gSHIKA HADOR

Cloud 9 Tobacco was created in 2012 to deliver you the world premium exotic flavors as well as the traditional ones. Because we are simply tired of having hookah tobacco that has too much juice or is too dry, we have the perfect amount of juice blend.

The Hodor Hookah is a strong, heavy hitter with an intricate brass stem with beautiful engraved designs on it. Just, do us all a favor and don't use it to hold the door, it's too soon. 26 inches tall Comes as shown and includes pictured hose,...



Coco Ultimate Premium Hookah Coals "JUMBO" - 1.5 KG - 96ct Z Bowl Slim
Coco Ultimate Premium Hookah Coals "JUMBO" - 1.5 KG - 96ctZ Bowl Slim

These are made from 100% pure compressed coconut shell in Indonesia. After travelling the world, sampling many manufacturers, and aiming to make the world’s best coconut coal for hookah we came up with COCO-Ultimate. These will be at an...

The new Z bowl from Zahara comes in two different shapes. Wide and Slim.



Z Bowl Wide
Z Bowl Wide

The new Z bowl by Zaharah, they come in two styles, wide and slim.